Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The War on Terror is Everywhere...History repeats itself.

Much like the time the 'commies' were suspect EVERYWHERE, now we repeat history and replace the word 'commie' with 'terrorist', even though it is clearly defined as one who inflicts fear, or terror on others most often by the threat of violence or the use of violence. Now, the new 'terrorist' is EVERYWHERE. Even in the university lecture halls. Be afraid, be very afraid. He actually used the words 'gentrification' and 'inequality' in his publications! The nerve of some people! This professor has actually been detained, according to the German police, for acts of terror because these words were used by a terrorist group in their publications as well. In this line of reasoning almost every sociologist and most anthropologists should be considered terrorists or at least affiliating with terrorists. Yes, I said the word affiliate. Just as in the cold war, any insinuation that you support the ideas of communism would lead to your arrest and trial as a communist. Yet you had not committed a single illegal act. Today, suggesting with full academic argumentation that a possible explanation for civil unrest and dissatisfaction with society's current state of affairs could be associated with concepts like 'gentrification' and 'inequality' is equated with supporting terrorism, acts of terror and terrorists. How far will the nation-state spread this fear of the dreaded enemy, the elusive Other, the iconic terrorist, before we realize that it is the state itself that is acting as a terrorist and is actually legitimized in its actions due to our irrepressable and irrational fear of terrorism, or rather fear of fear itself.

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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Three Stages of Truth

Watch the film Earthlinks.
For wisdom and inspiration, however, viewer discretion is advised.